Sandpointe is a small, yet important coastal town on the western coast of Alduria. It was established a few hundred years ago as part of an effort to help ships navigate around the nearby peninsula and reefs. Its prominent feature is a lighthouse located several miles from the main settlement. Should this lighthouse ever fail, the trade routes between Uscan and Solarion would be severely hampered for months.

Though small, Sandpointe is a prosperous trading town with a good location on the coast. Next to it is a long peninsula that features mostly swamp-like terrain. The most dangerous inhabitants of this peninsula are lizardfolk, but several kinds of reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds dwell there too. Most of these creatures don’t bother the town, and Sandpointe’s militia is experienced at repulsing raids by the more aggressive lizardfolk.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Thorp
Population: 47 Adults (+18 non adults)
Gp Limit: 40 Gp
Ready Cash: 94 Gp
Power Center: Conventional – Mayor
Alignment: True Neutral
Racial Demographics: 96% Human, 2% Gnome, 2% Other
Guards: 4 full-time, 20 militia

Important Characters:

  • Content Not Found: krelian-hardfoote_ (Militia Leader) – Human Male
  • Magar Gimeft (Militaman) – Dwarven Male
  • _Content Not Found: rayche-colbaster (Militia Scout) – Human Male

Highest Characters of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels, Except Those Marked *):

  • 2nd Level Bard
  • 8th Level Commoner (Mayor)
  • 4th Level Expert
  • 2th Level Fighter (Krelian Hardfoote, Militia Leader) [Deceased]
  • 2nd Level Ranger (Rayche Colbaster, Militia Scout) [Deceased]
  • 4th Level Rogue (Guard)
  • 1st Level Warrior (Guard)

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