Sir Edwin the Bravestar

Little is known of Sir Edwin’s origins or why he came to Nedrill. What is known is that the Bravestar is to thank for the town’s existence. Once a territory of Greyhawk, the town of Nedrill was granted its freedom two centuries ago during a period of solidification for Greyhawk. The fledgling kingdom fared well for a time. However, without the aid of Greyhawk’s armies to patrol her borders, vile creatures soon invaded the countryside and began to prey upon Nedrill. This did not mean the end of the kingdom, of course, but merely stunted its growth.

This was the state of the land when Sir Edwin the Bravestar, one of the finest Knights to walk the Realms, entered the town. For reasons unknown, Sir Edwin decided to make Nedrill his home and drive off the forces of evil. Sir Edwin educated and trained the townsfolk and led numerous campaigns to cleanse the countryside of the vile creatures that would prey upon his home. In time, the area was free of threat and worry, and Nedrill was free to grow and prosper into the fine city that it now is.

Even though he loves the town enough to risk life and limb for its safety, Sir Edwin is somewhat of a recluse and prefers to live outside the city walls. He’ll frequently come into town to check on everyone and spread the good word, but he prefers his solitude in the wilderness. Many of the town’s laws are based on recommendations from Sir Edwin. He believes that well written laws and a strong hand to enforce them are the best way to keep the area prosperous and free from harm.

What is seldom denied by the citizens of Nerill is that the Bravestar is a man of single purpose: to find and defeat those of evil heart. He ventures for months at a time in the pursuit of nefarious foes, and strikes them down with astonishing precision and force. Those that have seen him in battle know that with one swing of his mighty blade, Oathkeeper, the Bravestar can fell even the mightiest of foes.


Sir Edwin fights as honorably as possible, unless the foe is evil. If that’s the case, he is a relentless torrent of fury, doing whatever it takes to destroy the evil foe. His oath as a Kensai requires that he vanquish or, should the foe beg mercy, capture and convert all evil enemies encountered. If he detects evil in a creature, he is oathbound to destroy or convert it. When wielding his ancestral greatsword, Oathkeeper, Sir Edwin can tap into his celestial bloodline and summon the powers of good to deal such damage that even a Balor would tremble.

Sir Edwin the Bravestar

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