The Sphere of Annihilation

The Sphere of Annihilation is a campaign built by Scott Heckler (Hecklerus Prime in the Fantasy Grounds forums) and should be started with four to six 1st Level characters. It should carry the party all the way to 20th Level at which point it will conclude.

This campaign will revolve around a powerful artifact called the Sphere of Annihilation. This potent weapon is capable of destroying anything it touches, including gods. Due to this immense power for destruction the Sphere itself cannot be destroyed. Having seen its terrible ability in use, a group of men formed a secret society whose sole purpose was to hide the Sphere. For ages the Sphere has remained out of sight…until now. The players will eventually stumble upon the knowledge of the Sphere and it will fall to them to keep evil users at bay.

Two separate groups of adventurers start the campaign along two separate lines. Along the way, each group will learn information that is important to the campaign as a whole, but that makes little to no sense by itself. Eventually, these two groups cross paths and merge. With their shared knowledge they learn the of the true threat and the existence of the Sphere. These groups are the Deitouched and Toxanimir’s Dozen. Their campaign chapters are marked accordingly.

Prelude: Last Battle of Men and Angels

Ages ago there was but one God. Despite his immense power, there was a war between the Race of Men and the Angels of God. This exciting recounting of the Last Battle of the previous Age gives players control of one of the seven Archangels of God as they attempt to defend the Celestial Palace of God from the armies of Man.

The Deitouched

Chapter 1: Lhûg Golodh

The town of Eastbrook is a simple farming community situated in the Aldurian region of Tellus. The town is small and peaceful, serving only as a waystation for travelers roaming the road between Westchester and the rest of Alduria. Suddenly, the peaceful serene is shattered as an object falls from the Heavens and crashes nearby. A group of adventurers investigates and finds a power they cannot understand.

Chapter 2: Lost Mine of Phandelver


Toxanimir’s Dozen

Chapter 1: The Reptilian War

The adventurers, awaiting travel from the seaside town of Sandpointe, have no choice but to mingle with the small village’s citizens. Word spreads of the adventurers previous exploits and eventually the Mayor approaches them with a plea for aid. Lizardfolk that inhabit the nearby swamp are growing more aggressive, and the Sandpointe militia is hard pressed to keep the town secure. He begs the adventurers for aid, offering what little gold the town has in stock as payment. What is causing the lizardfolk to grow so bold? And can the adventurers stop them before they start an all-out war?

Chapter 2: A Gambling We Go

After weeks of fighting, Sandpointe is finally getting back on its feet. Ships have begun arriving again and all seems well. Their work in the small village completed, the party may set sail for new locations and adventures. Currently, the ships that are arriving will be destined for Uscan, the central city for all things sinful: gambling, brothels, fighting pits, drinking, and any other number of sinful acts. The city offers the chance to strike it big or lose it all. Some may leave happy while others may wind up in a gutter with a dagger in their back.

Chapter 3: Into the City

Their adventurers in Uscan are complete, much to the relief of the group. Eager to escape the city, or perhaps spend their newly won fortunes, they decided to sail for the Aldurian capital city of Solarion. Often called the City at the Center of the World, anything and everything can be found in Solarion. From here, the party can search for new work, seek out entertainment, or purchase travel to anywhere in the Realms. And it just so happens that the annual Challenge of Champions is close at hand. The adventurers might wish to test their skills and win fortune and fame, or die trying.

Chapter 4: A Wizard Calls

After nearly a year of adventures in the land of Alduria the adventuring group has made a small name for themselves. Leagues away in the Free City of Greyhawk, High Lord Toxanimir seeks a team of mercenaries with enough skill to be competent but not enough fame to be noticed; the adventurers are just the group he needs. He summons them and gives them a quest that will certainly risk their lives, but the payoff just might save the entire world…

Chapter 5: The Stone Soldier

The town of Nedrill is a small, but growing community on the eastern edge of Alduria. Once under the command of the Free City of Greyhawk, Nedrill gained freedom several centuries ago, but maintained a strong alliance with Greyhawk. For a long time the area did not prosper; savage races and monsters were ever present and preyed upon the town. But then mere decades ago a brave paladin champion named Sir Edwin the Bravestar selected Nedrill as his home and swiftly united the city. With his aid, the vile fiends in the area were eradicated and the town was free to blossom into a powerful city-state. But Sir Edwin has gone missing of late. And worse, without his careful watch, the council members are slowly being assassinated! Who is behind the assassinations and why? And what has happened to Sir Edwin? Only the adventurers can find out for sure!

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The Sphere of Annihilation

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