Every now and then a person likes to cut lose and revel in sin. Uscan is where that person would go. The city is full of otherwise frowned upon activities to partake of: gambling, drinking, brothels, fighting pits, and many more scandalous ideas. There are few laws to be spoken of in Uscan, and those that do exist are often ignored. Visitors may win the jackpot and walk away wealthy beyond their wildest dreams or wind up broke and face down in a gutter with a dagger in their back.

Uscan is a small port city located on the western coast of Alduria. It is known around the world as the best place to visit and revel in sin. The city is not a proper city, but rather a large collection of casinos. Each casino employs its own guards, workers, and/or prostitutes. The casinos rarely cooperate with each other. However, when outside forces threaten, the casinos will temporarily band together to fight off the threat. There are very few rules in Uscan, and fewer still people to enforce them.


There are literally hundreds of casinos in Uscan. However, some are more predominate and stronger than others. The five most powerful are listed below. Since the city has no real central government, it is up to the casinos to keep the peace. Each one wishes to be the top casino, and so there are often secret wars going on between them. Their conflicts are less like open warfare and more like the Drow battles between houses: secretive and highly effective.

Each casino uses standard House Chits as their form of currency, except as noted. Each House Chit roughly the same size as a gold coin and often depicts the sigil of that casino. Each House offers various chits, one for each form of coin (copper, silver, gold, or platinum).

All Houses have agreed upon a fair transfer fee of ten percent. This means that if a player wishes to transfer 100 Evens & Odds chits to the Burly Q, for example, she will end up with 90 Burly Q chits. The Burly Q then returns the Evens & Odds chits. Thus, Evens & Odds breaks even (rather than lose 100 chits) and loses a customer while the Burly Q loses the value of 90 chits (rather than 100) and gains a customer. Most gamblers prefer to trade chits in at their respective Houses to retain the most value.


Virtually any form of gambling exists in Uscan. From horse races to dog fights, poker to euchre, craps to roulette; Uscan has it all. However there are a few favorites that the characters (as well as the players) may never have heard of. These games are listed below. Each one lists the rules, method to betting, and a rating for ease of play. However, the stakes can be anything in Uscan, including the gambler’s very lives…

Most of the casinos offer the same games, although some may focus on one over the others. However, each House may have different betting rules or styles, as well as different ways to play each game.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Small City
Population: 8,160 Adults (+650 non adults)
Gp Limit: 15,000 Gp
Ready Cash: 6,120,000 Gp
Power Center: Nonstandard – Separate Casinos
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Racial Demographics: 37% Human, 20% Halfling, 18% Dwarf, 10% Gnome, 7% Half-Orc, 2% Half-Elf, 1% Elf, 5% Other
Guards: 82 full-time, 408 militia

Important Characters:

Highest Characters of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels, Except Those Marked *):

  • Adepts: One 11th and One 7th Level
  • Aristocrats: One 10th and One 7th Level
  • Barbarians: One 11th and One 8th Level
  • Bards: Two 10th Level
  • Clerics: One 12th and One 10th Level
  • Commoners: One 15th and One 13th Level
  • Druids: One 12th and One 7th Level
  • Experts: One 12th and One 10th Level
  • Fighters: Two 12th Level
  • Monks: Two 7th level
  • Paladins: None
  • Rangers: One 9th and One 7th Level
  • Rogues: Two 12th Level
  • Sorcerers: One 12th and One 9th Level
  • Warriors: One 10th and One 9th Level
  • Wizards: One 10th and One 9th Level

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