Venomfang is a young green dragon who has recently fled his home lair and is venturing into the world in search of his true lair. Like most green dragons, he is arrogant and possesses a lust for power that rivals his passion for treasure. Although he is young and weak as far as dragons go, he is quickly developing a penchant for unprovoked violence, often needlessly attacking small creatures that have little hope of fending off his might.

While searching the area near Phandalin, he found an old wizard’s tower in the ruins of Thundertree village. After killing the giant spiders infesting the tower, Venomfang decided to lie low for a time. He has not decided if he will stay in the tower long, for it is decrepit and collapsing at an alarming rate, but the frequency of travelers on the nearby road have provided a steady source of entertainment, wealth, and food.

In 4762 SR a druid named Reidoth entered the region in the hopes of eliminating a recent influx of undead abominations. Soon after entering Thundertree he became aware of Venomfang and the tremendous threat he posed to the area. As a member of the Emerald Enclave, Reidoth took it as his duty to see this threat removed. By happenstance, the Deitouched came seeking advice from Reidoth and the druid seized the opportunity to send the young adventurers on a quest to drive off Venomfang. Knowing they could not outright attack and kill a dragon, even one as young as Venomfang, the group instead persuaded the dragon to move his lair to the larger Cragmaw Castle, located further south towards Phandalin. The dragon accepted, giving the adventurers two weeks to clear the goblin presence from the castle, else he would seek them out and devour them as punishment for their arrogance in thinking they could lie to a dragon as mighty as Venomfang.

The Deitouched succeeded in removing the Cragmaw tribe from their castle by assassinating the goblin leader, King Grol. This caused the tribe to quickly fall into infighting and break apart into splinter factions. The dragon was true to his word and release the Deitouched from his service once he found the castle empty. Early in 4763 SR, however, the dragon began calling the roaming goblinoids back home. He would protect them from outsiders in exchange for their eternal service. Those that disobeyed, performed poorly, or were unfortunate enough to cross the dragon on bad day were swiftly eaten. The rest were forced to rebuild the castle to its former glory, as task that would take many decades to complete. However, the dragon was patient, and kept the entire project a secret from the nearby settled communities. He would wait until his power, his castle, and his goblin army were a full strength before attacking the humans to the south and west.

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