A thriving town on the border of the Gray Wood in southern Alduria, Westchester has become well known for strong, sturdy wood and finely sculpted wooden furniture and the like. Men talk of the wholesome community far from the dangers common to outskirt towns; orc, goblin, and the like seldom threaten Westchester for reasons unknown. In many ways, Westchester is the ideal settlement with the only downside being its extreme remoteness from any major city; Westchester is largely on its own in all ways.

The people of Westchester are exceptionally trusting and kind. Where people of other towns may look upon outsiders with some small measure of suspicion or wariness, those of Westchester look with acceptance and curiosity. These people have not known the dangers common to other lands and have therefore not learned to be on edge. If asked, they will explain that they know a peace that is rare due in no large part to the Gray Wood.

There is an ancient power that resides in the center of the Gray Wood that oversees the health of the woods. This power has reached an understanding with the people of Westchester; the people will stop outsiders from entering the Gray Wood in exchange for the right to harvest a certain number of trees. These trees have a strength and beauty unique to the Gray Wood and are the source of Westchesters economy.

Demographics and Statistics

Town Size: Large Town
Population: 1,400 Adults (+100 non adults)
Gp Limit: 3,000 Gp
Ready Cash: 450,000 Gp
Power Center: Conventional (Mayor)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Racial Demographics: 72% Human, 17% Halfling, 8% Gnome, 3% Other
Guards: 14 full-time; 35 militia

Important Characters:

Highest Levels of Each Class (Multiples Spawn Separate Lower Levels, Except Those Marked *):

  • Adepts: Eight 1st Level
  • Aristocrats: Five 1st Level
  • Barbarians: One 3rd, Two 1st Level
  • Bards: One 1st Level
  • Clerics: One 2nd Level, Two 1st Level
  • Commoners: One 11th, Two 5th, Four 2nd, 1217 1st Level
  • Druids: One 1st Level
  • Experts: One 7th, Two 3rd, 40 1st Level
  • Fighters: One 3rd, Two 1st Level
  • Monks: One 4th, Two 2nd, Four 1st Level
  • Paladins: None
  • Rangers: One 2nd, Two 1st Level
  • Rogue: One 8th, Two 4th, Six 2nd, Twelve 1st Level
  • Sorcerers: One 4th, Two 2nd, Four 1st Level
  • Warriors: One 5th, Two 2nd, 67 1st Level
  • Wizards: One 1st Level

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