High Lord Toxanimir

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A wizened old man enters the room wrapped in a robe of green embroidered in gold. His white beard stretches to his waist. His face carries the wear of many years of worry and leadership. His eyes, however, are as sharp as any archer’s and appear to take note of every detail. When he meets your stare it feels as though he is peering into your mind and that he knows your every secret. His gait is smooth and confident, his posture perfect, his every movement so sure that it can only be earned from decades of ruling an entire region. When he speaks, his voice is rough and booming, as that of a seasoned soldier. He speaks not as though he asks for respect, but as though he demands it. You have no doubt that he could command a room full of kings and queens if he felt he had to. He then proceeds to use that voice on you.

Toxanimir is the High Lord of Greyhawk, making him the official ruler of the city and territories of Greyhawk. He was given this position nearly eighty years ago and is the only person to hold the position for this long. Many marvel at his age, but most assume his longevity is due to his magical powers.

Toxanimir is loved by the citizens of Greyhawk but greatly feared by their enemies. Even outside allies tread lightly with the man. He is a master at gathering knowledge and seemingly knows what others will do before they do. Some say that to cross Toxanimir is to cross Death.

Toxanimir was a guiding light in the waning years of the Race Wars. The people elected Toxanimir in their darkest hour; Greyhawk was nearly destroyed, both physically and spiritually, after spending several decades aiding Solarion in the fight against the Dread Mage. Toxanimir’s brilliant battle strategy, cunning, and ability to gather and unite the war-torn peoples of the land lead to a massive redoubling of efforts.

Although he rarely admits it, Toxanimir is one of the greatest wizards of the current Age. He has attended several of the most prestigious magical academies, including the Estentia College of Ancient Magery, the Eurarctum University of Magical Philosophy, and Ugica School of Relativistic Enchanting, receiving top honors in nearly all of his studies. While his abilities are powerful in all fields, his mastery of Enchantment is unparalleled. Many claim this mastery is why he has rose to be such a powerful figure in the world, an idea that Toxanimir readily refutes as jealousy-inspired rubbish.

Toxanimir has a strong fascination with dragons, especially green dragons. Any citizen caught with any items made of dragon flesh are imprisoned, while those caught slaying or attempting to slay a dragon are outright killed, assuming the dragon does not do it first. This fanatical devotion to dragons combined with his supernatural age has led many to believe that Toxanimir is, in fact, a green dragon in disguise, although these rumors are never spoken where he can hear.

When asked why he loves dragons, specifically green, Toxanimir will reply with the following:

Why green dragons, you say? Quite simply, green dragons are the only dragons that will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Of all the creatures of the Realms, dragons are the only ones with the power and intelligence to shape the worlds for ages to come. And of all the dragons, the greens are the ones that are most efficient in this endeavor. The metallic dragons, while greatly respected, often let their good will overwhelm their resolve, which oft leads to the downfall of their careful planning. And the vast majority of the chromatic dragons are too self-absorbed in their own lives to ever benefit or harm the Realm in any serious degree.

But green dragons…green dragons are different. A green dragon is neither the most powerful nor the weakest of the dragons. They are in a prime position to manipulate their weaker cousins into acting as their defense while avoiding drawing the eyes of their more powerful kin. They will do whatever is required of them to protect their territory and their offspring. I admire their calculating nature and exacting use of all their resources to secure the longevity and safety of their descendants. I admire these traits and have resolved to mimic them in my duties as Guardian of Greyhawk. So far, they have served me well.

Toxanimir’s love of green dragons comes from their outlook on life; a green dragon will do any task they see as necessary to protect their territory and their kin. They have no qualms over destroying entire regions or manipulating other species into bending to the dragon’s will. To a green dragon, the ends always justify the means.

Toxanimir has attempted to adopt this outlook in his own personal experience. When an outside force threatens his people he is swift and relentless in his counterstroke. He will not hesitate to use what others consider vile means if his city is safe come nightfall. While his people love him, his foes greatly fear him, and for good reason. Toxanimir is cold, calculating, and ruthless when needed, traits he barely conceals when dealing with outside allies. When his influence as leader of Greyhawk fails, he will not hesitate to use his mastery of Enchantment to bend the will of his foes, or his allies, to his line of thought. Any that are not citizens under his tender care are pawns to be used in his effort to provide lasting protection for his people.

As for the rumors that Toxanimir actually is a green dragon, well…only Toxanimir knows the truth behind that.

High Lord Toxanimir

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