King Brotar Stranheln

The Fallen Queen bestows the Crown upon her husband. Image by Ben Wooten via DeviantArt.

Brotar Stranheln was born and raised in the Aldurian city of Nedrill. The lone prince of Nedrill, he was groomed from birth to replace his father on the throne. This event took place in 4727 SR, when Brotar was a mere seventeen summers old. His father had fallen ill to a harsh plague that beset the city and refused the aid of his clerical staff; his philosophy was that the people needed their healing more. King Brotar, not yet ready for this immense responsibility, did the best that he could. This has proven to be more than sufficient, as his efforts have been nothing but a boon for the small city. When asked about these early years, King Brotar does not hesitate to confirm that the only reason he made it thought those difficult early trials is his loving wife, Queen Diesa Stranheln.

King Brotar is fiercely loyal to his city and holds dear the freedom they have been granted. He does not wish to ever see his people fall under the reign of Greyhawk again, and because of that he is often highly suspicious of any proposals coming from High Lord Toxanimir. Decades ago a rash of evil creatures threatened Nedrill’s people. King Brotar did the best that he could, but the vile creatures were gaining ground every year. Several times High Lord Toxanimir offered King Brotar aid, and on each occasion the King politely, but firmly, refused. He believed that any aid from the High Lord would come with a price that would prove to be far worse than the evil on his borders.

The coming of Sir Edwin the Bravestar removed all fears. Sir Edwin, an aasimar holy paladin, was searching for a small, quiet town where he could rest and perhaps find peace. At the time he thought that putting down his sword would ease his troubled heart. To his surprise, his heart only desired to pick it back up. Sir Edwin, upon seeing the plight of the people, decided to take up arms and train these people to fight. Within decades the threat had been pushed back. King Brotar then acknowledged the bravery of Sir Edwin in a riveting speech. He claimed that Sir Edwin was the shining star of Nedrill. This speech was the foundation for Sir Edwin’s nickname, the Bravestar.

Campaign Playthrough: The Sphere of Annihilation

The Stone Soldier

King Brotar would face yet another challenge in late 4763 SR. For still unknown reasons, there was a sudden resurgence of evil creatures in the area that began to assault the outlying farms of Nedrill. Worse yet, he found a group of assassins had targeted his humble city. Their first target was none other than the Bravestar. To remove him from the picture, they tricked Sir Edwin into infiltrating a nearby haven for evil, Blackrock Dungeon, wherein he was petrified by a medusa. Days later the assassins began targeting the councilmen of Nedrill, randomly picking one target and striking him down.

Against his better judgement, King Brotar accepted the aid of a band of adventurers sent by High Lord Toxanimir, all of whom were later called Toxanimir’s Dozen. The band consisted of Dunric, Dwarfle Hammerhelm, Kcaj, Savannah Barrington, Sir Gryhan Reinstead and Wasalu Jaco. They promised to help find the Bravestar and stop the rampant assassinations. During a speech to the people that was meant to reveal the purpose of the adventurers the assassin struck again, only this time the target was the Queen. Watching his beloved wife struck down before his eyes sent King Brotar into a state of shock that all but rendered him non-functional in the role as King. During that time he fell heavily upon his chancellor, Halfred Boffin, to take up the mantle and lead the people.

Fortunately, the band of adventurers were able to save the missing Bravestar. Unfortunately, the rescue mission took long enough that when the adventurers and Sir Edwin returned there were only three of the original twelve councilmen left alive: King Brotar, Chancellor Boffin, and Councilman Ningel. Over the next few days the adventurers and Sir Edwin attempted to stop the assassin, but failed twice. Alton Ningel fell first and Chancellor Boffin second. However, the silver lining is that as the assassin’s blades sunk into the Chancellor’s chest the adventurers managed to subdue and capture him.

Now, faced with a murdered queen and council, King Brotar is all that remains to lead the town of Nedrill. The spirit of Diesa Stranheln, watching the living as all the dead do, saw that her dear husband was lost. Watching his wife murdered before his eyes and then sitting by unable to protect his ten dearest friends and allies had left Brotar a broken shell of a man. He was lost, without hope, and defeated. But Nedrill needed a strong leader, now more than ever. Through sheer force of Will, Diesa forced her soul back onto the Material Plane and arose as a ghost. She now advises and supports her husband once more as he attempts to rebuild the strength of Nedrill after this most trying of times.

King Brotar Stranheln

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