Psychanical War

4137 SR

The people of Sadarax are, for reasons unknown, completely unable to master or produce magical effects. Until recently, this has caused them to developmentally lag far behind the other countries of the world. An added benefit to this inability to harness magic is that the people of Sadarax are unnaturally resistant to the effects of magic, making them hardy soldiers against magical armies. In order to survive in the world, the Sadaraxicans have been forced to develop other means of protections and advancement. Namely, technological research and development. To this end, several hundred years ago the Sadaraxicans discovered the power of steam and have grown exponentially in power since then. The other countries of the world scoff at this technology, being content to use their magics as simpler means to the same end. The races of dwarves, humans, and gnomes have developed a particular interest in the advancements of Sadarax, but only to the extent of passing hobbies.

Once their mastery of steam was completed the Sadaraxicans, no longer content to living in the harsh frozen wasteland that comprises most of their homeland, started making machines of war. Their target was the country of Nanoi. Many creations, both dreadful and wonderful, were crafted for these wars. Of the most interesting were the Warforged. Created using a device called the Source Forge by the Sadaraxicans, the Warforged are a race of sentient constructs bred only for war and combat. These warriors did not feel pain, hunger, or fatigue. These three facts alone made them infinitely superior to the mortal men they fought. Coupled with the intelligence and cunning of men, the Warforged were perfect creations for any army. Using these super soldiers, the Sadaraxicans launched what would come to be known as the Psychanical War against Nanoi.

After decades of battle, Sadarax had made great gains and conquered much of the Nanoian lands. However, Sadarax is not a land rich in in the materials required to create steam engines or maintain the powerful Source Forges. Eventually the country ran out of resources for their war and was forced to retreat. Neither Sadarax or Nanoi ever officially declared a surrender or end of the war, but all agree that the war is over.

Psychanical War

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