Queen Diesa Stranheln

The Fallen Queen bestows the Crown upon her husband. Image by Ben Wooten via DeviantArt.

Diesa Stranheln, born Diesavanthanth Lithnoallion, was raised in the Timeless Valley in Alduria. She was born just two years before Lord Cyprus DeVane, which is noted for one reason: Diesa is one of the rare survivors of the Elven Holocaust. This is due largely to the fact that in 4728 SR she was wed to King Brotar Stranheln of Nedrill. During the events of the Elven Holocaust, King Brotar held true to his beliefs and did not fall prey to the Dead Mage’s manipulations of the world’s leaders. He refused to ostracize his wife and instead kept her hidden in the royal mansion. Both the King and Queen rejected the Dread Mage’s philosophy, but many of Nedrill’s townsfolk and councilmen did not.

After the Elven Holocaust, Diesa convinced her dear husband to send a battalion of Nedrill’s soldiers to fight in the Race Wars, a request that King Brotar was all too eager to support. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the soldiers did not survive the war, which resulted in the relative defenselessness of Nedrill in the following years. Evil forces and monstrous creatures began to invade the lands surrounding Nedrill and there was little to stop them from conquering the entire city.

The coming of Sir Edwin the Bravestar removed all fears. Sir Edwin, an aasimar holy paladin, was searching for a small, quiet town where he could rest and perhaps find peace. At the time he thought that putting down his sword would ease his troubled heart. To his surprise, his heart only desired to pick it back up. Sir Edwin, upon seeing the plight of the people, decided to take up arms and train these people to fight. Within decades the threat had been pushed back. King Brotar then acknowledged the bravery of Sir Edwin in a riveting speech. He claimed that Sir Edwin was the shining star of Nedrill. This speech was the foundation for Sir Edwin’s nickname, the Bravestar.

Campaign Playthrough: The Sphere of Annihilation

The Stone Soldier

King Brotar would face yet another challenge in late 4763 SR. For still unknown reasons, there was a sudden resurgence of evil creatures in the area that began to assault the outlying farms of Nedrill. Worse yet, he found a group of assassins had targeted his humble city. Their first target was none other than the Bravestar. To remove him form the picture, they tricked Sir Edwin into infiltrating a nearby haven for evil, Blackrock Dungeon, wherein he was petrified by a medusa. Days later the assassins began targeting the councilmen of Nedrill, randomly picking one target and striking him down.

Dunric, Dwarfle Hammerhelm, Kcaj, Savannah Barrington, Sir Gryhan Reinstead and Wasalu Jaco, later known as part of Toxanimir’s Dozen, were sent to Nedrill by High Lord Toxanimir. They promised to help find the Bravestar and stop the rampant assassinations. King Brotar resisted their aid, but the Queen fully supported them. Unlike her husband, she saw any potential debt to Greyhawk as a far better option than the death and destruction the evil incaders would bring. She convinced the King to permit their assistance. She then took the adventurers to the palace balcony to address the people in an effort to quell the fears growing among the populace. During the speech the assassin struck again, only this time the target was the Queen. A crossbow bolt to the heart promptly ended the life of the beautiful queen.

Weeks later, the adventurers finally found the Bravestar, who was tricked into infiltrating the nearby Blackrock Dungeon in order to quell the source of the evil invaders. This was a trick that eventually led to his petrification at the hands of a medusa. By the time the adventurers brought the Bravestar back, all but three of the twelve remaining councilmen had been killed. Days later, the band and Sir Edwin succeeded in capturing the assassin, Hachiro Quang, but had failed to prevent him from killing two of the three councilmen. Only the King had survived.

The spirit of Diesa Stranheln, watching the living as all the dead do, saw that her dear husband was lost. Watching his wife murdered before his eyes and then sitting by unable to protect his ten dearest friends and allies had left Brotar a broken shell of a man. He was lost, without hope, and defeated. But Nedrill needed a strong leader, now more than ever. Through sheer force of Will, Diesa forced her soul back onto the Material Plane and arose as a ghost. She now advises and supports her husband once more as he attempts to rebuild the moral and strength of Nedrill after this most trying of times.

Queen Diesa Stranheln

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